Grilled/Smoked Beaujolais Mushroom Pasta Salad


12 oz. tri-colored Fiori pasta, cooked al dente
2 oz. Cedar Creek Beaujolais Uncle Pierre
2 oz. Red wine vinegar
4 oz. Extra virgin olive oil
1 oz. Soy sauce
2 Cloves garlic, pressed or chopped fine
Salt & pepper to taste
3 T Olive oil
1 T BBQ rub
16 oz. Mushrooms, cleaned and trimmed
2 C Ham, diced
2 C Mixed Greek olives
1 Small red onion, diced

Mix Cedar Creek Beaujolais Uncle Pierre, red wine vinegar, olive oil, soy and garlic in small bowl, season with s&p and reserve.

Toss mushrooms with 3 T olive oil then sprinkle with BBQ rub and coat evenly. Grill or smoke for 5-15 minutes depending on temperature. In large bowl mix pasta, mushrooms, olives, ham, dressing and s&p to taste. Chill and serve with more Cedar Creek Beaujolais Uncle Pierre! Serves 10.

Recipe created and presented by Chef Scott McGlinchey, Q real American food in West Allis, during the July 2006 "Ultimate Backyard Barbeque" at Cedar Creek Winery.