Grape Varietals

The Story of Our Grapes

Cedar Creek wines are made from both traditional grape varieties, such as the Vitis Vinifera Cabernet Sauvignon or Riesling, and French-American hybrids, including Maréchal Foch that are grown at our sister winery, Wollersheim Winery, in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin.


The Cedar Creek Cabernet and Waterfall Riesling grapes are custom-grown for us in the milder climate state of Washington. These Vitis Vinifera are world-known varieties and have been used in winemaking for hundreds of years, and tend to grow well in moderate climates because they do not like extreme temperatures, at least not extreme cold.

The Vidal Blanc and Seyval Blanc grapes are custom-grown for us in New York State. These cold-hardy hybrid grape varieties are a product of crossing two or more Vitis species that can withstand colder climates.

Our Vines

The grapes for our Bon Vivant wine are grown in the vineyards of our sister winery, Wollersheim Winery, in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin. These Maréchal Foch grapes are a French-American hybrid that were developed in the 1930’s to resist disease and cold and have fine wine qualities. This site is ideal because of its slope and Wisconsin River location, which help to minimize the weather extremes.

Pruning Grapevines in Wisconsin

Winemaker Philippe demonstrates how to prune grape vines ranging in maturity. From 1 year old vines to 20 year old vines, including the popular variety Concord. Click here to watch.

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