Enjoying Cedar Creek Wines

Tips to get the most out of each bottle.

Whether you plan to enjoy our wines now or save them for later, here are some common suggestions.

You’ll notice a couple different closure styles on various bottles of Cedar Creek wines:

Cedar Creek bottles with screwcaps let you know it’s a young wine that is meant to be enjoyed right away. Simply grip the bottle with one hand and the top portion of the screwcap with the other hand, twist it to the right and VOILA!

Cedar Creek bottles with corks tell you it is a wine that has been barrel-aged. While there is a variety of different corkscrews available, the most common type is a levered, or “waiter’s,” corkscrew. Make sure to always have one hand holding the bottle while you use the corkscrew.

First, cut the top portion of the capsule to reveal the top of the cork. Next, Set the end of the “worm,” or curly q, on top of the cork and twist to the left. When the corkscrew is nearly all the way through the cork, place the metal arm of the cork screw at the top of the wine bottle and gently push the lever down as the cork slowly moves out of the bottle and PRESTO!


A standard serving for a glass of wine is a 5-ounce serving. Each bottle of Cedar Creek wines holds 750 ml of wine, so each bottle has about 4-5 servings of wine in it.

Exception to the Rule
Even though Cedar Creek Rosé bottles hold 750 ml at 18% alcohol, a little bit of Rosé is meant to go a long way! Rosé is served in a much smaller quantity than other Cedar Creek wines: 2 ounces should be served in small glasses.

Glass Types
The shape of the glass you use can be helpful for the wine you are enjoying. Generally, red wines are served in glasses that have large bowls and a slightly narrower top, while white wines are served in slightly smaller bowled glasses.

It’s important to be mindful of the temperature of your wine because temperature can affect the taste of your wine, either negatively or positively. Generally, young whites and blushes should be served chilled, and reds should be served at a cooler room temperature. Below is a helpful Serving Temperature guide for Cedar Creek wines:

    WELL CHILLED (40º – 45º)

  • Pinot Grigio
  • Waterfall Riesling
  • Cranberry Blush
  • Settlement Gold
    ROOM TEMP (60º – 65º)

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Beaujolais Little Brother
  • Cedarburg Spice (or gently warmed)
After Opening

Reseal the wine with either the cork or another closure system like VacuVin. Store the wine in a cool space or in the refrigerator. You usually have about four days to enjoy an already opened bottle.

Put the screwcap back on and return the wine to the refrigerator. These wines will keep for four to seven days.

Exceptions to the rule: The Rosé has higher alcohol which helps to preserve it. After you open a bottle of Rosé, you have about 4 – 6 weeks to store it.


Environment: If you don’t plan on enjoying your wine right away or you found a few special bottles you want to set aside for a special occasion, there are some general rules of thumb to keep in mind as you store your unopened wines. Make sure your bottles are:

In the Dark: Find an area away from light to protect the wine from premature aging, or light degradation.

In the Cool: A cool and consistent temperature ensures the safety of your wine as it ages.

Still: Vibrations can agitate the wine. Make sure your wines are in a spot away from noise or movement while they age.

Sideways: This is more important for bottles with cork closures than screw caps. Storing on the side helps keep wine in constant contact with the cork, which prevents the moist cork from shrinking and prevents oxygen from seeping into the bottle.

Locales: Basements are a perfect environment to age wines in because they naturally provide all of the necessities for safely aging wine. However, if you don’t have a basement, other options that make ideal places to store your wine include closets, wine cabinets or wine refrigerators. Just make sure to keep your wines stored in a dark cool space with a consistent temperature.

Ageability: A general rule-of-thumb is that Cedar Creek wines with screwcaps are meant to be enjoyed young and don’t benefit from any type of aging. Cedar Creek wines with corks have a longer shelf life and may benefit from some aging, especially full-bodied barrel-aged wines like our Cabernet Sauvignon. If you have the patience, these are wonderful wines to set aside for a number of years and to be enjoyed on a special occasion, You can also find the ageability of each Cedar Creek wine is listed on the back of every wine label.

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