Cedar Creek Winery History

Constructed in 1864 as a woolen mill.

Cedar Creek Winery is a family-run winery crafting an array of award-winning wines, we are located in the historic Cedar Creek Settlement situated in downtown Cedarburg, Wisconsin. Our winery offers a unique experience with tastings and tours daily.

Our location, both the town and building, has a rich history. Constructed in 1864, the Cedar Creek Settlement was originally a working woolen mill until 1969 when it went out of business due to the introduction of synthetic fabrics. The building sat empty until a local home winemaker, Jim Pape, purchased the building in 1972. Jim and his wife Sandy converted the building into what became known as the Newberry and later the Stone Mill Winery. In the ‘70s, the winery was famous for its cherry wines and the unique clay bottles in which they were bottled. Traditional, extremely large casks were used for about ten years, and then replaced with stainless steel tanks and smaller barrels.

In 1990, the winery was purchased by the Wollersheim family and became the Cedar Creek Winery. The wine style changed to focus on traditional-style grape wines with a few grape-based fruit wines. The building’s cool limestone underground cellars provide an ideal environment for fermenting and aging wines in oak barrels.

Today, the stone wine cellars are used for barrel-aging several of our Cedar Creek wines, and the main floor hosts tours, tastings and our shop. We offers an array of traditional-style red, white and blush grape wines that range from dry to sweet, and have received recognition in both national and international wine competitions.

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