Raspberry-Craisin-Syrah Reduction
4 TBs. Cedar Creek Syrah
1-2 Tbs. Red Raspberry Jelly
Pinch of Craisins

Pecan-Panko Crust
1/2 C. Chopped Pecans
1/2 C. Panko (Japanese style breadcrumbs)
1-2 Tbs. Flour
Pinch of Salt and Pepper

Cooking Instructions
In a small pan pour in the red wine and bring to a boil. Let the wine simmer and reduce to about 1/3 of liquid from when you started. Add dried cranberries and raspberry preserve and lightly simmer until a nice thick sauce consistency.

In a separate pan, heat olive oil. Take the halibut filet and press the panko/pecan mixture onto the top of the fish. Only bread the top and leave the sides and bottom un-breaded. Once the oil is hot, place the halibut in the pan crust side down first. Once it is golden brown flip and cover cooking the fish until done (about 8 minutes). In another pan sauté asparagus with salt and pepper. Heat the rice. Place rice down, lay the fish on half the rice with crust side up and drizzle with the sauce. Lastly, serve with fresh asparagus and rice. Serve and Enjoy!

– Created & demonstrated by Chef Jon Cerda from The Anvil Pub & Grille during our 2011 Annual Winery Open House.